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The Escapists Review: Let’s Get out of This Prison!


The Escapists is a strategy video game with a unique and somewhat strange challenge. The game offers you to escape from the most protected prisons in the world as the mission. The conditions of detention are gradually changing in every prison, the control and the level of protection are increasing. You need to be more inventive from an attempt to attempt.

Are you ready for this challenging task? Then faster download The Escapists. To get prepared for the game, read The Escapists review below: it could be your key to a successful prison break.

Graphics — 4/5

Welcome to the 8-Bit world with a top-down perspective. Sketchy graphics of The Escapists can be appealing for some time, but later your eyes will ache from these exhausting visuals. All the environments, characters and details are designed in the same manner.

However, this virtual world of prisons becomes highly attractive as you immerse into exciting gameplay. Lots of content, including visual one, is the thing worth players’ attention.

Gameplay — 5/5

The Escapists offer you a challenging task: get out of the prison you are imprisoned at any cost. You can dig a tunnel or plan a riot for prisoners. No matter how you will do it, you must get out of there.

Every prison considers strict rules, daily routine tasks, and tough guards. Look for items that can help you escape and do not show them to anybody.

Before the start of each episode, you choose the name and appearance of your hero, after that, the character wakes up in the camera. In the morning, you will take part in the count of all prisoners, then breakfast, free time, work, lunch, sports, dinner, and evening roll call. Falling asleep, you save the current progress for the day.

Also, the guard conducts searches in the cells, so better hide the prohibited items. By working, you earn the respect of the wardens and the money for which you can buy essential items, including weapons and uniforms. You can use your cash on the payphone in the yard: no matter whom you call, you can get a tip, for example, a crafting recipe.

Exercising in the gym increases your speed, makes you stronger, increases your level of health. Watching TV or the Internet and reading enhances the level of intelligence, allowing you to create more and more complex objects necessary for the escape plan.

You can also do small favors for other prisoners to earn more points. Vary your tactic from stealing plastic spoons and forks for selling or keeping them for yourself and start digging a tunnel out of your cell. Your freedom is so near, just lean your hand to it!

Controls — 4.5/5

The Escapists controls are better to learn from a brief tutorial before you start playing. You will be introduced to the gameplay mechanics and find out how to use the controls. The controls for Xbox are usual for the game of this genre. Get to know them all and use them in your favor.

Replay Value — 5/5

The Escapists is the game with a challenging mission and the needed level of tense so that it becomes highly enjoyable for players. Figuring out how to escape your first prison will take some hours, it’s a tough task for a novice. Over time, you’ll become more cunning and ready for more challenging escapes. With the variety of challenges available, this game is undoubtedly worth replaying.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to try yourself in the most challenging task of escaping the most secure prisons? Then download The Escapists and get your chance for freedom.

  • Unique storyline.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Lots of content.
  • Challenging missions.
  • Graphics are not appealing.
  • Daily tasks become monotonous after a while of playing.

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