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The Escapists 2 Review: Stop the Imprisonment!


The Escapists 2 is a continuation of The Escapists, one of the best strategy games about escaping the prison. The prison sandbox once again offers you an opportunity to escape the toughest prisons of the world. If you are experienced enough after the recent game, you will accept this challenge with excitement.

Download The Escapists 2, if your will for freedom is so strong that you can’t imagine yourself imprisoned for long. Read our The Escapists 2 review to find out why this title is worth your interest.

Graphics — 4/5

The same eight-bit graphics as in The Escapists bit slightly different. The Escapists 2 get the updated combat system and a revised visual style. The customization system was enhanced, and some new things were added. Sketchy graphics remained the same. However, we get used to it in the previous game version.

With lots of new content included, The Escapists 2 remains atmospheric to the core. This time, you can change the characters due to your liking. Select hairstyles, clothes, skin color, and so on to make each your character individual and easily find him in the crowd. No graphical glitches happen so that we can estimate the graphics as decent.

Gameplay — 5/5

The Escapists 2 offers you to get out of the prisons the same as it was in the first series of the franchise. However, new options appear. This time, jails are situated literally everywhere: even in space. So the new locations change the whole experience of playing.

The same routine is present: you need to accustom to the prison’s rules and a strict schedule to get closer to your sweet escape. Once again you will develop elaborate plans of escape from the most unfavorable locations. Space or a Russian prison or even a train jail, how far the fantasy of the developers stepped! You want to leave these hopeless places even more than you wished before.

Behave like an exemplary prisoner: live on a schedule, go for walks and meetings, perform community work, wash in the shower, go to bed after a signal — all these simple actions bring you closer to the desired freedom. And The Escapists 2 is indeed about more freedom than its predecessor.

One of the most important parts of the game is crafting. Even though you can borrow from others almost any item (from soap to a mop) this will hardly help you to escape. In order to make progress, you will need more complex (and forbidden) things. For example, you can just steal the key from the guard, but rather quickly disappear and find the alarm. But if you have time to make a copy of it, then no one will suspect anything. So be smart and diligent in your escape mission.

Controls — 4.5/5

The Escapists 2 controls do not differ from The Escapists mechanics. Learn a brief tutorial before playing. To manage the controls, practice a bit, and remember: Y is for interacting with other characters, X for an attack, B to go back, A is for taking favor. The movement of the character is controlled with directional buttons of the joystick, as usual.

Replay Value — 5/5

Ten prisons, a challenging mission, lots of new content, and limitless opportunities for character customization. If it is not the strategy game of your dream, then which is? High level of tense throughout the whole gameplay of The Escapists 2 makes you want to replay the game so far.

The Bottom Line

Toughest prisons of the world are calling you, are you ready to escape them in The Escapists 2? Show your best on your way to the desired freedom!

  • Various gaming modes
  • Exciting and interesting storyline
  • Lots of new content
  • Customization options
  • Slow in the start
  • Monotonous after a while of playing

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