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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review: Time to Fight Terrorism


Rainbow Six: Siege is a unique project that does not look like most of the similar games. This is a multiplayer action game that focuses on three things – team interaction, tactics, and being sufficiently hardcore. Download Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and enjoy unique gameplay with no rush or thoughtless firing.

Graphics – 3.5/5

Rainbow Six Siege has a fairly wide range of graphical settings that allows you to customize the game for almost any modern configuration. All graphics settings are located in two sub-menu items.

The graphics are almost the same as in the beta version of the game before the release. The graphics are a bit dull and do not cause a “wow” effect. It is understandable that the graphics had to be sacrificed in order to increase the scale of destruction.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

In the center of the plot of the game is a terrorist organization that plans to spread a deadly virus in different parts of the world. Only the Rainbow team is able to confront them. Siege is a purely multiplayer product, which you will have to play online with other players. It has single-player training tasks, but this is not quite what many players would like.

There are three modes in the game. The first one is “Operations”. It includes 10 introductory missions, having completed which you will be able to understand the mechanics of Siege. The second mode is “Network game”. Here players are split into two teams: terrorists and operatives. Players also have two options for multiplayer – simplified and ranking, access to which you will receive only after reaching level 20. The third mode is “Antiterror” when you alone or with other gamers from the network have to fight against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.

Controls – 4/5

According to the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege review, the control of the game is quite simple, convenient, and understandable. In Siege, developers have focused on team play and destruction, which means that you can blow anything in Siege and pierce a hole in almost everything where your heart desires. But the point is that the main thing here is the team. Coherence and the choice of the right tactics are important.

Replay Value – 4/5

The game can keep you in suspense from the very beginning – the defenders have less than a minute in order to strengthen the walls, place shelters, set traps, and take positions. The attackers, in turn, must, reconnoiter the situation and detect the target with the help of miniature guided drones. There are only five people in teams, there are no revivals, and the number of wearable devices is limited, so the preparation stage is always a compromise.


Rainbow Six: Siege is sure to appeal to gamers who love smart shooters. This is a product designed to make players think, occasionally making rare but accurate shots. Hopefully that in the future, new modes will be added to the game because those that are in it today are rather boring. Players want more and more. In any case, this is the best team game that was recently released.


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Awesome collapsibility
  • The multiplicity of situations
  • An easy and convenient control system.
  • High ping
  • Not very good graphics.

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