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Unravel Review. Follow the Yarn


The game alongside Yarny, the protagonist, is definitely spinning a different yarn to bring about a charming platformer. Here’s a full review of the product developed by ColdWood Interactive.

Graphics: 4.0

Notably, Unravel is known to have incredible graphics. That stands out most despite it being a 2D indie platformer. This yarn humanoid looks good. Notably, video game characters are stodgy and unable to capture a similar emotion range as expressed by a real human. But thanks to the animation, Yarny can express himself sufficiently. Additionally, he moves in ways that feel right.

Gameplay: 4.5

The concept behind this game is that you control a small woolen avatar called Yarny. Its ambiguous opening depicts him being created from of a ball of yarn which falls from a basket owned by an old woman. He practically sets out across the countryside, but his progress is restricted since he’s only made of a limited length of wool that can’t go that far.

While the game may seem to cheat occasionally as to the exact size of wool that Yarny has left, its platforming aspect works exceptionally. But the puzzles are what form the real meat here. Moreover, these physics-based puzzles may get trickier although the platforming is never particularly hard. Most of these revolve around basic obstacles which include stubbornly closed gates, stretches of water, or the wild animals which look amazingly realistic.

Since Yarny ties knots around any hook, most of these puzzles involve the creation of increasingly complex connections within the sets of moving parts on the screen.

Controls: 4.5

Regarding the mechanics, Unravel has a generally simple set of moves. Yarny travels across the levels leaving behind a trail of his wool which signifies bonds. You can create grapple points by flinging a lasso of yarn, which will allow you to swing from one location to another or grab far-off items using the handy red woolen bow. You can also climb up the wool length left behind to retrace your steps.

Replay Value: 3.5

Unravel is a straightforward and simple adventure and doesn’t offer much regarding replay value. The collectibles, however, provide several elements of replayability. The main objective of every level is collecting knitted buttons which adorn the grandma’s photo album filled with memories experienced along Yarny’s way. There is also a set of dynamic backgrounds brimming with shiny details which house the frozen memories to be kept in the photo book.


Unravel is generally a welcome diversion and a lovely tale which will leave you feeling lots of warmth inside – similar to sinking into that warm bath that relaxes and relieves you of tension. Yarny is an utterly believable and adorable lead which serves the purpose well by telling the story of the aging woman well. However, it’s a shame that the game lacks more challenge in the levels later on.



  • Technologically impressive
  • Stunning graphics
  • Innovative platformer/puzzle
  • Touching storyline
  • Drowning and falling deaths may be frustrating
  • The inconsistent logic of some puzzle solutions

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