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WWE 2K17 Review: Beautiful Wrestling


WWE 2K17 is a wrestling video game developed with a professional approach. Download WWE 2K17 if you want to experience the most realistic gameplay. Here you will find tons of new moves, including in-arena wrestling with Legends.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are stunning being very bright and realistic. You will see that wrestling can have theatrical elements. You can adjust some features like crowd density or texture, enable shadows. Here there are amazing characters, rings with true details, beautiful wrestling. In general, the game looks very good. Enjoy a professionally made soundtrack.

Gameplay — 5/5

There is a range of various game modes including play mode which provides a quick match being customized in accordance with preferences. You can set participants and match types. In MyCareer mode you can create a superstar who will fight in championships. Here a lot of things depend on what you are doing. Your character will react, compete, speak and change the course of the game. There is also a Universe mode where you create WWE shows with custom arenas and events which should be paid if someone wants to view them.

Though you will not find a game with its historical references and useful information in this release, still content is very strong. You will fight in the crowd and the arena. Enjoy plenty of animation and adjustments of your characters. Game size is rather solid making almost 47 Gb, so mind it before you install it on your Xbox One console.

Controls — 4/5

Controls are rather simple, but still you’d better learn all moves in your tutorial. With a console you will be able to display current target, pick up objects, hold, and run. You can signature, reverse attacks and make pauses. You are rather unrestricted in actions and movements here. You can throw opponents off the ramp and win just with several skilled movements.

Replay Value — 5/5

WWE 2K17 review has shown that in a new release of this epic game you will not find essential changes, but still, there are modes which provide a player with a lot of features and functions making the game not only spectacular but also challenging and smart. Probably, those, who remember 2K Showcase in the previous versions, will miss this mode but still the combats here are completely excellent. Plenty of customization enhances replayability even more.


Download WWE 2K17 arriving as a WWE video game franchise champion with rather predictable gameplay but a lot of new moves and capabilities to create your own surroundings in Creation Suite. There are app purchases with a wide range of prices.

  • Perfect graphics
  • Enlarged capabilities
  • High replayability.
  • Lack of much improvement
  • More variety is desired.

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