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Crash Of The Titans Review. Rescue The Mask


Don’t be fooled by some previous games into thinking that this one is as bland. Far from this, the platforming game created by Radical Entertainment is probably the most enjoyable one in a while.

Graphics: 4.0

Crash of the Titans features a set of updated graphics that significantly contribute to the platforming fun experience. The art style used is beautiful and offers a cartoony vibe alongside the pleasing collaboration of vibrant colors mixed with crazy and inventive character models. Furthermore, you’ll note that the animation used for the main characters and the enemies look incredible. However, the environments are mostly stale and relatively dull, and the developers should do more.

Gameplay: 4.5

In this beat-em-up game, you’ll be required to control Crash Bandicoot to rescue his sister Coco and save his Wumpa Island home from the destructive gigantic robot owned by the main antagonist. Your initial goal is to rescue Aku Aku, the sentient mask which will give you the basic instructions, shield Crash from attacks, and turn to a skateboard for movement through the slippery terrain.

One of the game’s features that I find attractive is the ability of the players to jack any big enemy. Those that can be jacked have a star meter on their head. Once the star vanishes, you can take their abilities with the aid of Aku Aku’s magic. Notably, the game has a pair of multiplayer modes as additions: Leapfrog and Piggyback.

This game comes with lots of features that you’ll need to unlock, keeping you looking for additional stuff. Note that in the beginning, you’ll only have a few moves that Crash can perform.

Controls: 4.0

The controls of the game are simple enough for your little brother to play while also being fun enough for you to aim at getting a high combo multiplier. For instance, you can work with a partner and swap whoever’s controlling Crash any time you make a swing, jump or slide. You can also take a break from challenges, hide in your backpack then come out to help another player when the action gets too intense.

Replay Value: 4.5

The excellent replay value of Crash of the Titans lies in the game’s lengthy adventure. Furthermore, you’ll encounter levels that are long, or maybe even too long and several levels that don’t just transform your enemies into more resistant punching bags. Also, you’ll find hidden voodoo dolls, a couple of upgradable skills, stage rankings and unlockable skins. Regardless, some gamers consider the progression tedious due to the lengthy levels.


Crash of the Titans is a decent and briefly entertaining adventure and among the better games to hit the market from the Crash series. One notable factor is that it comes with several 2D elements incorporated into the game’s 3D worlds, a cool attribute that’s gaining popularity fast in this genre. Overall, there’s no polish in this game and fans may not experience considerable improvements in terms of controls.


  • A decent soundtrack
  • Graphics increase the fun
  • The game is quite adventurous
  • The combat system requires tweaking

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