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Cuphead Review: Experience The Best Run 'n Gun Gaming of Nowadays


Cuphead is an action game which is perfect to play in a big company. It’s a classic two-dimensional side-scroller looking very alike of the legendary Contra game. In Cuphead, we need to run, jump, squat, and almost never let go of the trigger, shooting in eight directions. There are a super-shot button and a quick dash to the side.

Cuphead can be named a masterpiece in many aspects. Studio MDHR Entertainment which developed the game did a titanic job and made the classic formula shine like never before. If you have already downloaded Cuphead, you know which aspects we are talking about. If not — then faster read our Cuphead review for more details of this terrific game.

Graphics — 5/5

Cuphead's audiovisual style is a graphical masterpiece. The hand-drawing manner of the 1930s cartoons combines with the effect of the damaged film, and some jazz is added — the design helps you dissolve in this environment instantly. The atmosphere, reminiscent of the early Disney movies revives in front of you.

In the world of Cuphead, there is no blood and cruelty, but every frame is a bit psychedelic. Almost all household items are alive here. Coins, slot machines, cars, even shells have big eyes and strange smiles, and the ability to talk. You will have to fight with the revived potatoes, carrots, flowers, and even constellations. Every character has its charismatic personality. Graphics and audio merge to make you feel completely immersed in the game.

Gameplay — 5/5

The Cuphead universe somehow resembles Super Mario Bros series games. You will discover a beautiful global map, on which you need to select the current task. There are almost no activities and secrets here. In some rare places, you can find coins, and chat with some funny characters.

Cuphead is rich with its content. The story is simple, and the fulfillment is excellent. You will play for the main character who has a cup instead of a head. According to the plot, he hits a vast sum in the casino and owes it to the Devil himself. So your mission is to get to the Devil and solve your obligation issue.

On your way to the Devil, you will encounter various bosses. Some funny, absurd fights are awaiting! All in all, Cuphead is the classic run 'n gun game with the gameplay considering never-ending fights with bosses. Each of your foes has several incarnations, so it is possible to meet him once again. You need to be fast as lightning to adjust to new types of attack because bosses change their tactics instantly.

Controls — 4.5/5

The game mechanics in Cuphead is elegant and somehow tricky. Move and shoot controls are rather straightforward while counter controls are more difficult to master.

On Xbox One, you will shoot with X, jump with A, switch weapon with Left Bumper, lock in place with Right Bumper, and so on. The Parry mechanics of Cuphead can be found in the in-game tutorial.

Replay Value — 5/5

Cuphead is a challenging multiplayer game with tons of activities at every corner. There is no chance to get bored with bosses who are difficult to pass, various characters who are charismatic and unique, and with the beautiful audiovisual component of the game.

We deservedly call Cuphead one of the most addictive run 'n gun games. Its difficulty increases from level to level so that the game becomes constantly exciting and worth multiple replaying. So download Cuphead ASAP to experience the best you can get in the genre.

The Bottom Line

Though Cuphead has many references to other games and cartoons, the title is absolutely unique. The game has its own style, ideology, and aesthetics. With the funniest characters, exclusive graphics, and challenging gameplay, Cuphead worth every minute of its playing.

  • Amazing graphics reminding of the Disney 1930’s cartoons
  • Corresponding soundtrack
  • Challenging gameplay with multiple levels
  • Multiplayer mode for playing with a big company
  • Controls may seem complicated for the novice
  • The levels are so difficult to pass that you will see “Game Over” many times

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