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MX vs ATV Reflex Review. Taking You Back to Ride Fundamentals



The MX vs. ATV series is known for its exciting races and realistic game mechanics. This version still maintains the core facets of the franchise but is also a let-down visually and in some aspects of its gameplay.

Graphics: 3.5

The graphics look like something of a mid-2000 racing game. They are grainy, and the framerate dips continuously. The vehicle mechanics, especially for the ATVs and UTVs, don’t compel you to want to play as these bigger vehicles. The race tracks are poorly detailed, and the textures on the game are always changing, meaning that you need to have the utmost levels of focus when you are driving. The motorbikes are quite aptly designed.

Gameplay: 3.5

This is an off-road racing game, in which the player takes control of either a motorbike or ATVs. Players can race in different events such as free rides, omnicross, freestyle motocross and waypoint racing. You can also race through open environments in which scattered flags guide your goals throughout the map. Through the 7 disciplines, you are afforded over 40 total courses.

Other vehicles you can race on include a buggy, sport trucks, and UTVs. Playing an omnicross event mashes all these vehicle classes together, but unfortunately, trucks dominate these events against much smaller competitors. You can unlock different vehicle classes simultaneously, but this takes away any incentive to use vehicles with inferior qualities or lower stats. Customization of larger vehicle classes is also limited to few options.

The gameplay mechanics are above average, considering the track design and terrain deformation, and are one of the better aspects of gameplay. Online multiplayer is the best part about the game. You can participate in game rooms and earn experience points as you go along.

Controls: 3.5

The biggest change introduced in the game is the reflex mechanism, in which the left analog stick controls the vehicle steering, while the right stick shifts the rider’s weight. You need to manage both of these aspects, and it can be quite strenuous at first. You can also control your rider’s pitch when airborne by using the gas and brake buttons. This might also lead to flawed landings if you press either button too soon.

Replay Value: 4.0

MX vs. ATV offers a wide variety of courses, with everything from closed arenas to open environments. It also provides a bunch of side races such as omnicross events, which means you won’t be getting bored with the game. Framerate dipping is an issue here because it directly affects your riding which requires ultimate focus. The new control scheme is challenging and may lead you to get too frustrated with the game.


MX vs. ATV has the feature set of a great off-road racer game but unfortunately fails to deliver on the experience. The visual design is lacking, some of the vehicles have limited class or customization options, while the controls have been overcomplicated. Despite that, you’ll enjoy some of the unique events in the game. Playing local co-op or online multiplayer is also thrilling. Ultimately, it may not be a game you play too often.


  • A wide variety of courses.
  • Customizable vehicle classes.
  • Great multiplayer.
  • Lackluster visuals.
  • Complex controls.
  • Some vehicles such as ATVs have limited class options.

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