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Borderlands 2 Review. Pandora Just Got Messier


The personality that was in Borderlands 1 and the humor that kept you laughing even as you splattered alien brains are back in this sequel, and it’s bigger than ever. Borderlands 2 offers the perfect combination of a loot-driven RPG system and a quest campaign with a strong storyline behind it.

Graphics: 4.0

The graphics are unique and intense in a way that is quite different from other shooter games, employing a lot of animated contrast. There’s plenty of character variety in Borderlands 2. Therefore, you’ll always have something fresh to look at even if the landscape isn’t anything to brag about. The combat scenes are quite explosive, and the power-ups give the action a nice touch, especially when the phase-lock is activated.

Gameplay: 5.0

The events of Borderlands 2 occurred five years after the first installment when the four vault hunters defeated “The Destroyer,” and Handsome Jack (Hyperion Corp president) uses a new mineral known as Eridium to rule over Pandora. Now, four new vault hunters with different skill classes appear to take down Handsome Jack again, wielding different unique powers. Axton, the Commando can throw down a turret. Zer0, the Assassin can cloak himself and create a hologram as a decoy. Gunzerker can dual-wield weapons and in effect unlock other abilities. The siren, Maya, can phase-lock and trap opponents in an energy sphere for several seconds. Within each of these classes are other skill trees which significantly change your abilities as your level up.

There is a variety of challenges to beat and loot to collect, and you can customize your character. New additions to the game include slag damage, Eridium currency, and fresh advanced weaponry. In True Vault Hunter Mode, enemies are made stronger, making the game significantly more difficult.

Controls: 5.0

The controls on Borderlands 2 are quite fluid, and I especially like how easy it is to navigate the inventory. Weapons mechanics are quite seamless, and you’ll enjoy splattering enemy brains and fighting multiple opponents at the same time without feeling too overwhelmed. Aiming at opponents and shooting at them is instant, and you won’t get affected by any framerate dips messing with your shooting or any loss of control while mobile.

Replay Value: 5.0

This game might take you full 30 hours to beat if you aren’t careful. It’s extremely addictive and has high replay value, from the brilliant weapons collection, the customizable characters and the fact that you can play as each of these different heroes. But the best part about the game is the co-op mode which allows you to play with other people and get more loot which you can split.


Borderlands 2 is consistent in both gameplay and keeping you attached to the eccentric characters through every challenge. Though it suffers a few flaws, you’ll easily get engrossed in the game. It has great character development and the perfect mix of combat action and humor to keep you fully riveted. The co-op mode is one of the best that I’ve ever played in any FPS. You can have fun with the side quests or go straight for story mode. Regardless, you’ll have thrilling shooting experience.

  • Great character development.
  • Fluid controls.
  • Co-op mode is incredible.
  • Too much dialogue can take away from the experience.

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