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Undertale Review: One of The Best RPGs Ever


Undertale is an award-winning indie RPG by American solo game designer Toby Fox. In this game, you play as a kid who fell into the underground magic world full of scary monsters. Your mission is to pass multiple encounters and make balanced choices. You can kill all the enemies or try to become friends. You can download Undertale for PS4, Windows, OS X, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics – 5/5

Toby Fox created Undertale game in Game Maker Studio inspired by classic role-playing titles, such as Mother and Touhou Project. The first helped Fox to create isometric levels, while the second gave an idea of bullet-hell fighting mechanics. This retro-style pixel art game is a recognized piece of digital art.

Gameplay – 5/5

Undertale gameplay consists of dialogues and turn-based bullet-hell fightings. You play as a child whose mission is to complete tasks to get out of the Underworld. There are several towns and other locations that require you to solve puzzles to progress through the Undertale story. All quests are encounters with monsters that inhabit the universe. You always have a choice to kill them, run away, or become friends.

Every decision you make changes the whole narrative. Your morality is the driver for all events and consequences. When you kill someone, you gain battle EXP (experience points). Otherwise, you get LOVE points. In every fight, you have to control a small red heart pictogram and try to avoid attacks. Every monster has its style and level of difficulty. The toughness of boss attacks depends on the options you choose. Attacks make monsters angry, raising the difficulty dramatically. When it’s your turn, select one of the buttons, such as Attack, Act (includes various actions, different for each enemy), Item, and Mercy. You can combine moves to avoid deaths completely. This way allows you to figure out how humane the monsters actually are.

Controls – 5/5

Controls comparison for this Undertale review revealed that there is no tangible difference between inputs. It’s well played with both gamepad and keyboard layouts as it requires precise shifting of the heart icon. Gamepad sticks and keyboard arrows are similarly convenient.

Replay Value – 5/5

Unlike the vast majority of RPGs, Undertale presents many story branches and multiple endings. Moreover, if you decide to undertake additional walkthroughs, your previous ones will affect new tries. There are no wrong or right actions. You have the freedom of choice, so it’s extremely exciting to pass the game several times in a row.

The Bottom Line

Undertale role-playing game is worth the attention of everyone who appreciates touchy stories. It’s also an obligatory game to play for all RPG fans as it has already become modern classics. Undertale is comparable to real life. It can be cruel and kind to you depending on your deeds, and unpredictable conditions.

  • Unique pixel-art style level design
  • Challenging bullet-hell fighting system
  • Genuine freedom of choice
  • Extremely many story branches
  • Genial soundtrack.
  • No co-op campaign
  • No official Xbox One version so far.

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