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The fun-filled Advanced Warfare is an incredible action game with quick-time events, vehicle segments and a somewhat interactive storyline. Here’s a review of the first person shooting experience.

Graphics: 5.0

The graphics section of the game is quite impressive, and the developers manage effortlessly to make a case for themselves as the creators of a proper FPS. From the detailed environments to great character models and cinematic lighting, the shooter looks stunning. The big moments such as such as attacks by swarms of drones along the high-tech boulevard in Baghdad will impress you, alongside smaller things such as Santorini’s picturesque scenery.

Gameplay: 4.5

In this installment, you’ll encounter some new mechanics in the game when playing the single-player mode. Besides the normal shooting expected of this genre, you can also make use of the Exosuit implemented with the characters. This is one of the crucial additions in this title as you can opt for an upgrade whenever you feel like it and customize it according to your preferences.

You can also perform several incredible functions, among the most outstanding ones being this Batman-like ability that you can get with the grapple. With this, you’ll be able to move from one place to another or even ascend vertically without much effort.

Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer has additional exciting modes such as Momentum and Uplink, each offering a different gaming experience. Momentum works similarly to Tug of War, though it combines this with Capture Points. Uplink, on the other hand, is pretty much similar to basketball where you just need to steal the ball from the opponent and score.

Controls: 4.0

If you’re a fan of COD games, then you’ll notice that there aren’t many modifications from the original controls of the other games in the series. Regardless, it’s quite straightforward, and even a first-time player will have an easy time learning how to maneuver and select the right tools. The multiplayer is also equally easy to understand the first time you launch it.

Replay Value: 4.5

Compared to its predecessor, Advanced Warfare comes out as the option with better replay value. The multiplayer plays a massive role in ensuring this, and you will find yourself glued to your controller for hours once you’ve chosen any of the modes offered. Moreover, the missions in this game make use of the futuristic approach. As expected of games in this series, the replay value is on par with the other installments.


Advanced Warfare wasn’t created to reinvent COD, but it does well in terms of its revitalization with the use the most effective single-player campaign ever since the first Black Ops. While it may appear quite linear and a tad spoon-fed, it’s still spectacular and bold enough to carry you along. This game may not be for everyone, but this is one of the few titles offering real battlefield thrill.


  • Interesting single-player campaign
  • Superb multiplayer
  • Excellent sequences
  • Still too linear
  • The storyline is predictable

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