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Gears of War 4 Review: Remarkable Release


Gears of War 4 is a third-person shooter supporting various PlayStations and Windows 10 PC without additional charges. Its release date is 2016, and its size is about 114. 78 GB that is not little so you’d better ensure there is a spare place on your devices. Download Gears of War 4 and learn more about the legendary saga.

Graphics — 5/5

Visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 are really perfect in this game. They impress with details and accuracy. You can apply over 30 graphics settings with tons of configuration options. You can choose the variants you like and enjoy the images adjusted to your playing habits.

Gameplay — 5/5

Main characters J.D. Fenix, Kait, and Del, escape an attack and are going to rescue those who stay in the attacked village. It is vital to find the source of a new enemy. In this release a distinct evolution is obvious. You will see brutal action and a heart-pounding campaign.

This game offers co-op campaign for two players. There is also a mode for a team including up to four players and online co-operative mode. You can choose your combat class, improve your skills and create fortifications at any place within a map. Enjoy explosive versus multiplayer competing online. You will definitely appreciate a visible ranking system.

In this release you will see rather many gameplay elements taken from the previous versions, at the same time you will find completely new elements including fresh weapons like firing explosive drills and ricocheting sawblades. Players can interact with an opponent at a short distance knocking enemy off balance. There are four weather conditions. You are suggested to battle during heavy breeze or windstorms preventing proper usage of weapons.

Controls — 5/5

The control scheme is rather common if you have played a shooter before. Just remember several unique elements which are vital not to be defeated in the very beginning of the game. There are basic and advanced controls allowing you to move your character, perform attacks, pick up things, aim, shoot, reload, switch weapons, pause.

Replay Value — 5/5

Gears of War 4 review proves that replayability is high and does it in a rather convincing way. There are so many modes, settings, and modifications that you are invited to experience completely different games after every change. The diverse plot adds new elements. The game is very addictive in almost all variants: super single-player and the best multiplayer shooter.


Download Gears of War 4 to enjoy the fresh version of the series with an interesting storyline, new gameplay mechanics, and clever change-ups. You will get all you could expect from a shooter of high class.

  • Strong game's combat
  • Perfect graphics
  • Plenty of smart challenges.
  • Mind strong language and violent blood scenes
  • Weak character development
  • Crashes are still possible.

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