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Halo: Reach Review


The first person shooter video game, Halo: Reach is packed with amazing action and adventure. The modern weapons, armors, and a thrilling gameplay hold you to the game for quite a long time.

Graphics: 4.5

The graphics of the game is something that is sure to woo the gamers and escalate the gaming experience by several notches. There are a plenty of elements, weapons, enemies, and gadgets that have been brilliantly designed. Above all, the environment of the game has been set in woods where one see rain, fog, and many other weather changes. They all have been crafted well and boast of a superb graphics quality.

Gameplay: 4.5

Halo: Reach is set in the year 2552 where humans are now fighting against collective alien races. All other human interstellar colonies have fallen and Reach is the only colony that survives. It has more than 700 million civilians along with other military personnel. The game follows the action of the ‘Noble Team’ which has soldiers who call themselves the Spartans. You are a new recruit to the team who aid the group in finishing the alien forces once and for all.

You, as the gamer, can either play the game all alone or you can select the co-op mode. Further, the game has a multiplayer mode too. In case, you wish to break the monotony of the story, you can get into this mode and play against other players online. Even in the multiplayer mode of the game, there is a ‘slayer’ mode and a mode where you aim to ‘capture the flag.’

Be it the story, co-op, or the multiplayer mode, as the game progresses, you get to unlock new vehicles, areas, and even new maps.

Controls: 5

There are a plenty of controls that allow you to play the game smoothly. Use the ‘A’ button to jump, use ‘B’ to switch grenades, press the button ‘X’ to either fire or reload, and you can use the ‘Y’ button to swap the weapons. You can use left and right analog for the movement, right trigger to use a weapon, right bumper for the melee attack, etc. On the whole, the game enables you to use the whole of your controller to control your action and movement in the game.

Replay Value: 4

There are mixed views of the gamers when it comes to the replay value of the game. As the story mode of Halo: Reach is quite long, you, as the gamer, might not play it all over again. However, it is the co-op and multiplayer modes which encourage you to return to the game again and again. The curiosity to find other players and eliminate them are some of the things that magnetize you to play the game frequently.


Halo: Reach is the 6th installment in the Halo series and comes with its own set of challenges, hurdles, and thrill. The introduction of a plethora of new weapons and armors make the game all the more interesting. The terrific storyline and a superb multiplayer mode packed with lots of action keep the gamers on their toes. Elevating the whole of the experience are the multiplayer level editor ‘Forge’ and ‘Theater’ where you can watch your saved films from the game.


  • Graphics Rendered on a High-Quality
  • Brilliant Gameplay and Amazing Storyline
  • Sometimes the Framerate Drops During the Cutscenes

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