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Modern Warfare® 3 Review: Brilliant Game for FPS Fans


Modern Warfare® 3 is a 1st person shooter published by Activision in 2011. This is the last chapter of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series. You play as soldiers from different departments of the US Army to help the country defeat Vladimir Makarov and finish the 3rd World War. You can play the solo campaign or participate in furious online battles. Download Modern Warfare® 3 for Xbox 360 on Xbox Live.

Graphics – 5/5

Modern Warfare® 3 game is powered by the proprietary engine of Infinity Ward studio, IW 5.0, that was developed exclusively for the game. Similarly to all chapters of CoD franchise, all levels of the game are thoroughly detailed and look very realistic. Though the game was published 8 years ago, it’s still gorgeous.

Gameplay – 5/5

Modern Warfare® 3 gameplay is typical for the series. For the vast majority of the time, you have to eliminate crowds of enemies by shooting various submachine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. It’s also essential to use tactical weapons, such as smoke grenades, flashbangs, mines, guns with silencers, and attached grenade launchers.

Some missions require you to perform stealth operations, while others are classical shootouts inside office buildings, planes, ships, on the road, in hot spots, forests, etc. The whole game consists of missions that are interconnected with the global objective, and briefing introductions. You always have to play for different soldiers, but other lead characters are still the same, which is a tradition for the series. Price, Westbrook, and McTavish will also be the mascots of the series.

Besides the fascinating campaign, you can play competitive matches in the multiplayer lobby. Modern Warfare® 3 latest version introduces many new features, such as leveling system for weapons, new perks, and new compact maps for more spectacular battles.

Controls – 5/5

This Modern Warfare® 3 review included a comparison test of all MW chapters on PC and Xbox 360. Both keyboard-plus-mouse and gamepad inputs are great for playing this 1st person shooter game. Though, many professional players mark that using a mouse you can make faster combos of kills.

Replay Value – 5/5

Modern Warfare® 3 full game completion takes about 5 hours. All missions are thoroughly planned challenges, so you can replay them several times to unlock achievements. The multiplayer mode of MW3 still attracts thousands of FPS fans worldwide.


Modern Warfare 3 is an excellent action shooter game with fascinating missions and one of the best gameplay feature sets in the genre. After completing the campaign, you can join the multiplayer to experience one of the most hardcore FPS battles. This game is recommended to all fans of linear shooters.

  • Quality IW 5.0 graphics
  • Fascinating linear gameplay with realistic shootouts
  • The exciting storyline that closes the trilogy
  • The best FPS multiplayer for Xbox 360.
  • Long loading of quick matches
  • It’s hard to become competitive in the multiplayer.

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