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PAYDAY 2 Review: Participate in Crime


PAYDAY 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter allowing sharp planning and smart shooting. This video game is a sequel meaning that you could play its previous version. Download PAYDAY 2 if you want to entertain and learn what is new.

Graphics — 4/5

Graphics do not impress, but still they are very realistic and nice, though, the quality is not perfect. If architecture and other objects in the streets are rather detailed and make you believe in them, the premises inside are rather dull and basic with flat textures. Walking around the maps can be with difficulties due to existing graphical inconsistencies. The good thing about this game is an excellent sound design.

Gameplay — 5/5

The scene is set in Washington, where a gang arrives. You are expected to navigate him choosing of the suggested gangs and the formats: alone or together with three mates. PayDay 2 is not very complicated if you manage to arrange a good crew. When each is good in its degree, everything comes smoothly and everybody gets his fortune. You should understand the potential of every character you consider and do not use someone with a low intellectual level to grab the money. Like in most co-op games, the result here depends greatly on your co-players. Just be sure you understand the way this game is meant to be played, and you will enjoy challenging and overcome high-tension action.

There are several modes, but the main one is Crime.Net. It provides an interactive map of the city where you should choose missions like variants of "heists", which can be performed both with the AI or with human players within the context of a multiplayer game. Having succeeded, you will get bonus experience points and money which is divided into two parts. You spend it on weapons, skills and other cosmetic staff and the larger part is kept on your "Offshore Account".

Controls — 4/5

You can play this game with a keyboard and a mouse. When you install the game, you will get the default key binding. You can move to all directions, switch weapon, run, jump, and even shout, send chat messages. There are so many functions, and that is more important there are a lot of controls being able to deal with those conditions.

Replay Value — 5/5

PAYDAY 2 review highlights key contrasts with the previous release which are strong customization options and a wider variety in levels providing better replayability. There are seven of them, with increasing difficulty and correspondent payouts. There is a "pro job" condition providing an additional experience which is available if the players succeed in missions. You can buy and customize masks, but this is for fun only and does not impact on your score. There are plenty of elements and details which make this game challenging and improve replay value.


Download PAYDAY 2 to find out more about heists without involving cops and armed conflicts. You will behave like a real smart gang, learn to disable alarms, take out guards, prevent police intervention.

  • Strong cooperative gameplay
  • Amazing design of high quality
  • High replayability.
  • Criminal concept
  • Not very strong graphics.

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