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NCAA® Football 14 Review. The Game is On


This ‘everyone’ rated game was created by EA Tiburon. Here’s a review of each aspect to help you find out if this version meets, falls short of, or exceeds expectations.

Graphics: 4.5

Sports-based video games have pushed their graphics limits to the max. Therefore, it would be impractical to expect groundbreaking and new achievements on the visuals of the older games in this genre. That being said, this one is looking solid and uses a real-time physics engine, Infinity, which aids the animations. The shadows and lighting are also of high quality and progressions from day to night are far more realistic than before.

Gameplay: 4.5

Canned animations are now a thing of the past, and the physics engine of the game allows each gameplay to be unique. You now have unprecedented control over the gaming action in the field. Notably, this football game takes a step ahead due to the enhancements on the foot planting and physics.

The game has several improvements, the most significant one is blocking. It’s fun to run the ball due to the offensive linemen who pay attention to their delegated assignments so that ball carriers have more space and time to identify the holes. The other improvements on the gameplay are on the running play options with multiple sets offered in playbooks, from reading, speed, triple to shovel.

The sets are more satisfying and fun than ever, more so if you have got the character designed around the playstyle. Overall, the game is loads of fun. To run the football, you will be required to understand the blocking schemes if you opt to play at higher levels.

Controls: 4.0

The football action has pretty basic controls, and you’ll find the on-field actions quite familiar if you’ve played the recent games in the franchise. Still, the receivers have better chances of getting open whenever they run across the field as opposed to taking off the deep route. Notably, the developers let you use the face buttons, right stick and left stick to accomplish whatever you want while playing.

Replay Value: 4.5

The game offers high replay value, and with its incredible setting, it may end up to be your favorite football game. From the streamlined Dynasty mode, Ultimate Team mode to the expanded skill building elements by the coach, the games will definitely boost the overall replayability of the game and keep you glued to it. Moreover, the sweet roster update is sure to extend the replay value in this captivating title significantly.


NCAA Football ended its career in its first HD console generation and graduated into quite a different landscape. However, it’s a shame that it still has similar problems that have burdened the franchise for years. By focusing on the core gameplay and creating additional compelling features, the developers produced an enjoyable football adventure, although, on the surface, there’s not much difference with the predecessors as it offers no groundbreaking improvements.


  • The new Coach Skills mode is a plus
  • Loads of simulation options
  • Lacks innovation
  • Inconsistent AI balancing

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