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Full Review of C&C 3: Tiberium Wars - A couch general's paradise


RTS as a genre is going through some stagnant stage, basically, it's sinking into oblivion. After StarCraft  Legacy of the Void release in 2015, we haven't heard much of the real-time strategies conquering the industry.

Perhaps it's the crisis of the genre. And there's nothing better we can do than to return to the classics.

Command & Conquer 3 is one of the RTS pillars along with Dune II, WarHammer 40 000,  StarCraft and WarCraft.

Graphics: 3.5

I should make a terrible confession.  I return to retro games - like Battle Toads or Red Alert - only because I love the sweet nostalgic atmosphere and some elusive, sincere charm and warmth which those games used to retain.

But in most cases, I hate their visual quality! I understand it was the best the humanity could do back then but come on: we have cinematic games with blood-thrilling effects now!

But in C&C: Tiberium Wars' case I must admit the game looks outdated but still pretty good, even for 2007 (when it was released).

There are:

  •        Picturesque explosions - tons of them.
  •        Vapor bombs - all hail fiery genocide!
  •        Particle effects - they make vaporization of your adversaries especially satisfying.
  •        Units - all of them have been designed by the C&C trademark absurd atmosphere. In other words, they are charismatic and scary.

Although Tiberium Wars took a huge step form the classic C&C aesthetics - instead of the exaggerated brutal realism of Red Alert, this game has a cartoonish vibe, saturated with lush colors.

Sadly, the sound design of the game is quite bland and generic, and the same goes for the game's soundtrack. It tries so hard to sound badass and intimidating that in the end miserably soils its pants, so to say. Perhaps they ran out of the budget when it came to the sound effects.

Gameplay: 5

The game is a classic RTS, so your objectives will include:

  •        Map scouting.
  •        Resource gathering.
  •        Army building.
  •        Research & Development.
  •        Smashing the enemy's horde into smithereens.

I guess it's impossible to reinvent RTS but C&C 3 took a unique approach towards the game: its tempo is horrifically hectic and absolutely remorseless.

You will need great micro-management skills, good focus of attention and gazelle-like, the quick reaction to complete some of the missions (especially GDI missions).

There are two nuclear fractions in the game: GDI and NOD. Either of them has strong and weak sides that you should consider while planning your strategy.

1)    GDI - brute force, good at rushes and reckless attacks.

2)    NOD - cunning and smart, brilliant at sabotages and economy undermining.

And also there are the Scrin - a mysterious alien race. You'll enjoy learning their secret weapons and tactics for sure. 

Controls: 2

Playing an RTS on a console has always been a challenge. Even back in the Sega/Dune II days.

I wouldn't say it's completely impossible - no. After a couple of hours you'll learn the mechanics of the macro- and micro-control but... It'll be 5 times harder than doing the same on a PC.

Replay Value: 5

It’s definitely worth to be replayed. You know, RTS’s develop your strategic thinking and the speed of reaction. And when it’s mixed with the grotesque universe of C&C… To arms, comrades!


C&C 3: Tiberium Wars is a solid, entertaining RTS game that has everything we used to love in C&C series - absurd, dark humor, grotesque units, colossal bloodshed... Some will shed a nostalgic tear, and others will discover the charm of the C&C universe. I guarantee - the game won't leave you unimpressed.

  • Absurd humor.
  • Intensive tempo.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Hilarious cut-scenes.
  • Bloodbath.
  • Generic sound design.
  • Lame music.
  • Poor controls.
  • 12 hours of gameplay.
  • Outdated graphics.

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